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Last Update

6th March 2023
Addition of new page - Statutory Listed buildings. Also some tweaks to the functionality of the Street Scenes pages.
December 2022 - January 2023
Addition of new page - Street Scenes. A collection of photographs showing various parts of the village, grouped into individual streets.
24th to 30th August 2022

Complete redesign of the site, including logo and home page. Also resetting the picture placing to avoid the picture movement issue when showing in different browsers. Using Google Chrome as the main browser. Removal of Memorial inscriptions as I try to minimise space and page arrangements under Hopefully, I can get a decent resolution to the issue by using dynamic pages.

3rd June 2022

Changes to the Web header. Also changes to the home page with the addition of scrolling picture gallery.

3rd May 2022

The website has finally been published! As it's Community and Local History Month (May), I thought it is appropriate to let the website have its first airing in public. This is an on going project that has already been going on for more than a year and I have plans to add many other pages.

This update starts with the background to Sileby in an introductory page. Following on, there's also -

Impressions of Sileby - different views from the 17th and 18th century onwards

Historical Background to Sileby

Customs and Traditions




Dates and Dating

Pub and Beerhouses - an overview followed by a mini history of each premises (not all pubs are included currently)

Memorial Inscriptions - Transcriptions of the many monuments and stones around Sileby

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