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The Bellringer's Arms 

Brook Street



The Bellringer's Arms : Licensee John Rudkin c1920

Source : John Whittington


The Bellringer's Arms : in 2006

The earliest references to the Bellringer's Arms relate to the ownership of William Dakin from around 1870. William  died in 1874 and his estate was administered by trustees appointed under his will. They decided to sell his real estate in 1879, including the beerhouse. Licencing records show that George Berrington, William's son-in-law, took possession of the beerhouse until his own death in 1882. Berrington's trustees managed the property for a number of years until it was sold to Thomas Watchorn of Leicester in 1903. Watchorn owned the premises for nearly two decades before he conveyed it to Strettons Brewery of Derby.


Strettons tried to keep the licence but were faced with Loughborough's Licensing Magistrates using their powers to restrict 'unnecessary' pubs. Under the Licensing Acts of 1904 and 1910, Brewster magistrates could refer unruly or unprofitable pubs to a board to consider having them closed and compensation paid. In 1924 the licence was renewed but only after it had been referred to the Leicestershire Licensing Compensation Authority by the magistrates. Strettons made representations explaining that they were willing to make alterations to the premises. It was to little avail as the Bellringer's was referred to the Compensation Board again in 1925. The beerhouse's days were clearly numbered. In January 1927 the compensation amount of £3,046 was set and the Bellringer's Arms closed for good. 

Like many of the public houses and beerhouses in the village the Bellringer's Arms hosted a number of society and sporting dinners and events. For example, in early December 1883 Sileby Cricket Club held their annual end of season feast there, and in November 1925 an awards ceremony was held at the beerhouse to honour its successful long alley skittles team that had won the Everard Challenge Cup. More unusually, in November 1884, the beerhouse became the home of a young dog otter found in a drain near the River Soar. It was exhibited alongside a 4lb perch that was fished in the same stretch of the Soar!

Description in Sales Notice - 1879 

(Hinckley News - 26th July 1879)


Bellringer's Arms in Brook Street - in capital repair


Bar, Parlour, Tap room, Scullery, large Club Room, Brewhouse, Dairy, Cellars and 4 Bedrooms

A plentiful supply of hard and soft water

A good trade is carried on on the premises



Coach house


Other outbuildings

Description - November 1914 

(Valuation Act : National Archives IR 58/51169/503)


Brick and Slated, Old, Fair (condition)

a) Sub-basement – Beer Cellar

b) Ground Floor – Bar parlour, Servicing Bar (4 pulls), Smoke room, Tap Room, Club Room (was Brewhouse), Living Room, Pantry

c) 1st Floor – Club Room, 3 Bedrooms

d) 2nd Floor – Lumber Room


Yard and Garden.

Timber & Corrugated Iron Skittle Alley

Brick and Slated Fowl House

Coal house

Open shed Stable (for 3 horses) and Loft

2 Piggeries

Brick and Tile Privy

Owners, Licensees and Publicans



William Dakin

William Dakin's Trustees

George Berrington

George Berrington's Trustees

Thomas Watchorn, Leicester

Stretton's Brewery, Derby



c1870 - 1874

 1874 - 1879

 1879 - 1882

 1882 - 1903

 1903 - 1922

 1922 - 1927



William Cook

Joseph Newbold

George Berrington

Emma Berrington

Richard Keeling

Thomas Marriott

Edwin Rose

George Wardle

Elijah Murray

Hannah Murray

John Rudkin



c1870 - 1873

 1873 - 1876

 1876 - 1882

 1882 - 1884

 1884 - 1885

 1885 - 1900

 1900 - 1911

 1911 - 1912

 1912 - 1916

 1916 - 1917

 1917 - 1927

Notes on the listings

The dates are accurate to within a year of that given due to licencing records often starting part way through a year. Also, when electoral electoral rolls and trade directories are used the names quite often reflect the previous years occupiers. Due to privacy and data protection a decision was made to have a listing cut off date of about 1960.


Close up of the 'Ghost' sign

[B E] L L R I N G [E R S]

A R [M S]

Site of the Bellringer's Arms 'Ghost' sign

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