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Educational - Libraries

A 1960s building with older roots.
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Private libraries were known to exist in Sileby during the Victorian period. For instance, Reverend Dudley's substantial library at the vicarage was sold after his death in 1856.

However, it wasn't until the 1890s that a Free Library committee was formed and premises were sought to house a library and reading room. Eventually, accommodation was found at Sileby's Liberal Club.

In 1931 a small collection books was housed at the King Street school (Redlands), overseen by a volunteer
librarian. This was still in operation in the early 1960s when Popsy Gilbert was assistant there. A new, modern County Library building was opened at Cossington Road on the 5th June 1964. It was sited in the grounds of Sileby Hall. There were four staff members (including Popsy) and a stock of 3,500 books.

From late 2014, Leicestershire County Council began a process to transfer their library assets to community groups in a bid to save money. On the 14th December 2015, Sileby became the 8th county library to be transferred in this way.

Sileby's schoolchildren have been introduced to the library at some point in their school careers. And that continues to this day.

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