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Interesting Buildings/Structures

Below are some of the Sileby's existing buildings and structures with information regarding their background.

Click on a photograph to read more about that structure 

13-15 Barrow Road

57-63 Barrow Road

Chine House, Cossington Road

Free Trade Inn

Lynfield, 238 Barrow Road

Sileby Cemetery

3 Cossington Road

7 King Street

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Dudley's Bridge

Goose Green Farm

Political Associations

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Sileby Mill

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33 Little Church Lane

73-73a King Street

Educational - Libraries

Highbury, 38 Mountsorrel Lane

Pound, Barrow Road

The Green Place

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35 Little Church Lane

Area of The Banks

Educational - Schools

Industrial Buildings

Quebec Farm

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The Wartburg

5 Brook Street

Charnwood House, 25 Barrow Road

Fairview, 222-224 Barrow Road

Leicester City FC, Training Facility

Religious (excl. Parish Church)

Underhill Area, Barrow Road

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